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Pimento/Pineapple Melt

This is a take on a patty melt with a few elements added. I was watching a food channel show and Trisha Yearwood was doing a grilling thing. She put together a sandwich that had lots of stuff in it that I love, but wouldn’t think of joining in a sandwich. Great work Trisha, this one is a winner. It may sound a bit strange, but, man it tastes good.


2- ¼ pound ground chuck patties (Square)

4 pieces Hawaiian Bread

Pimento Cheese spread or dip

4 slices of bacon

2 pineapple rounds


(Makes two sandwiches)

a sandwich cut in half

(I use a George Foreman grill for this)

Spread butter on one side of each Hawaiian bread slice. On the other side of each slice, spread the pimento dip or spread. Set them aside with the butter side down.

Grill the ground chuck patties til they are medium in a frying pan.

Fry the bacon to your preference, and cut each slice in half.

Take the two pineapple rounds and grill them on the Foreman grill til you get nice grill marks.

When burgers are done, take them out of the frying pan, and place them on the pimento cheese side of a piece of bread. Layer 4 halves of bacon slices and the pineapple on top of the beef patty. Then, take the other slice of bread and place on top of the beef patty with the pimento spread side down.

Take the entire sandwich and place in the Foreman Grill with the buttered sides on the grilling elements, and press down for a minute or so to get a good toasted grill mark on the bread.

Remove from the Foreman Grill with a spatula, cut in half diagonally, and serve.

(OH, and make as many as you want…they are good for a crowd)

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