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Jim Brandstatter wearing a hat and sunglasses posing for the camera

The Brandy Show

Eavesdrop on Jim and his special guests as they chat about sports, media, broadcasting, and everything in between. Called, “Conversations with….” it’s a great spot to spend some time.

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Content Crafted by Jim

The catch-all space for Jim’s opinions, musings, recipes, reviews, travel, and stories of a 50-year career in the media. When something happens in Jim’s area of interest, which is quite wide-ranging, he likes to get his opinion out there, as food for thought.

College Football: Pricing Itself out of the Market

It has been amazing to me the speed with which changes to the landscape of collegiate football/athletics are happening. I have already weighed in on a lot of this, and…


College Football Playoff – It’s About the Benjamins

You know the old phrase, “Money is the root of all evil?” I, for one, do not believe that, but, to suggest money isn’t a major factor in the cataclysmic…


The Cycle: The NFL Coaching Carousel

The NFL coaching carousel appears to be over for the 2023-24 season. I actually find it amusing these days that the media refers to the NFL seasons and as the…


Brandy’s Book Shelf

My latest book is Voices of Michigan Stadium. The audiobook and paperback version are both available for purchase!

The yells, the cheers, the whispers, they’ve filled Michigan Stadium for nearly a century. You can still hear them today. The stories of triumph, surprise, disappointment and memories of the moments Michigan Football history was made. Listen to Bo Schembechler at his emotional best. Hear Kip Taylor tell his surprising tale how he scored the first ever touchdown at Michigan Stadium in 1927. Enjoy the stories of Kramer, Chappius, Wistert, Canham, Johnson, Howard, Woolfolk, Leach and many more. They tell it all, in their own words and voices! They are the priceless Voices of Michigan Stadium.

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The Photo Library

Jim’s spot for all things visual. He calls it his scrapbook. Here you’ll find personal pictures of times past in the “Memories” gallery, and you’ll find other great images compiled through Jim’s travels admiring the scenery in the “Photos” gallery.

These photos will be changed and rotated on a regular basis, so keep coming back for new material.

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