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Jim Brandstatter et al. sitting on a suitcase

The Video Vault

Welcome to my video vault. This is an area where we post video and audio pieces from our library of saved items over the years. From the Michigan Stadium press box broadcast booth, to segments of Inside Michigan Football shows, to produced video’s, we’ll have a collection for our visitors. Additionally, we are planning video posts of commentary and slice of life offerings as the subject matter warrants. Come back often and check the vault for new content.

During one of the Michigan Football broadcasts in the 2021 season, the Michigan defense had a hiccup in a substitution situation, and they looked totally our of synch. I mentioned it looked like and “Alphonse and Gaston” routine. What followed was caught on our broadcast booth camera.

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One of the most magical moments of the 2021 Michigan football season was the stirring victory over Ohio State. It was just a perfect day. The opening segment for the next days Inside Michigan Football Show caught the excitement and passion of the game and deserves a replay in the video vault.

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