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Book Review: Witiku – David Walks-as-Bear


I am a big fan of this author, David Walks-as-Bear, and his lead character Ely Stone. All of the stories are set in the upper Peninsula on a reservation. Ely, who has special forces training, is the Tribal Police force in the area, He is an unassuming big guy, and has the respect of his peers. What sets this whole series apart, is the Native American mysticism that is sitting on Ely’s shoulder every step of every adventure.

Ely is a good guy. He wants what’s best for his people. He wants to protect them, but, thanks to his mentor, dear friend and shaman Amos, Ely is forced to deal with some of the most legendary bad and evil actors in Native American legend. Amos is a wise, wonderful and mystical character who is the only one who knows that Ely is the only answer to stop these menaces from destroying his people. And, so, Ely, sometimes with great trepidation, enters the world of his ancestors occult history. In his own unique and faithful-to-his-heritage way, Ely navigates the deadly pitfalls to rid the netherworld of the evils that face hm.

In this book it is a shape shifting serial killer that must be dealt with. The adventure takes Eli throughout Michigan’s upper peninsula and into the northern lower peninsula. The familiarity of the locations add to the authenticity of the story.

Adding to the monumental task Ely is taking on are the emotions of a new relationship with a woman he never saw coming that has softened his heart. And she enters his dangerous world unwittingly adding even more to the stakes of his quest against the evil Witiku.

I highly recommend all of the David Walks-as-Bear books in the Ely Stone series. Besides “Witiku,” “Old Money,” and “Murmurings,” are worth the read.

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