Tales from Michigan Stadium
Volumes I and II

The two volumes of Tales from Michigan Stadium was my foray into becoming an author. It really worked too. Both books were well received, and sold a better than average number of copies.

The books contain a number of stories about great moments at Michigan Stadium. Told by the players and coach’s who were in the middle of the action, it’s like sitting around a table with former Michigan greats and listening to them regale you about their most famous, and in some cases, more infamous moments.

What did Anthony Carter say to Jon Wangler just before the TD pass to beat Indiana? What did Kip Taylor think when he was scoring the first TD ever in Michigan Stadium in the 20’s? Who’s ashes did Ron Kramer spread about Ann Arbor and Michigan Stadium as a tribute to his departed friend? Which team captain was moved to tears by an irate Bo Schembechler and then ultimately became one of Michigan greatest leaders? What’s a great recipe for fried perch at an all seafood tailgate?

The answers to those questions and more are in Tales from Michigan Stadium. Whether it’s Volume I or Volume II, stories you’ve never heard but wanted to know will meet you at the turn of every page.

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Written by Robbie Timmons

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Tales from Michigan Stadium Volume I

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Tales from Michigan Stadium Volume II